Thursday, June 10, 2010


Guess what came today? My new book! The title of it is Mermaid Curse: The Silver Dolphin by Louise Cooper. It's only available in the UK and Canada, so if you're a USA resident, and this looks like the book for you, get on and buy it! Here's the description on the back cover of the book:

Lizzy Baxter is thrilled when her family moves to Cornwall - she's always loved the beach. Lizzy doesn't realize, but she has a special connection with the sea - and the mystical mermaids and silver dolphins who swim there.

But there's much more to the beautiful blue-green world than magic. The evil mermaid Queen is plotting to steal something precious - something that belongs to Lizzy...

I cannot wait to read this book, and I'll post the review of it up on my blog once I'm done! It's a 4-part series of books, and I hope to order all of them from Amazon and read them all!

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